Advantages of our Industrial Abseiling Solutions for your Business

Wind Turbines

Why Use Rope Access

At API, modern rope access equipment, techniques and ongoing training combine to produce an exceptionally safe, versatile, efficient and cost-effective solution for works in high or difficult to access locations.

  • Safety: API’s technicians are all independently certified with IRATA and uphold an enviable safety record.

  • Versatility: Our technicians apply their trades in a wide variety of environments, from confined spaces to large-scale curtain wall structures and complicated steel installations.

  • Efficiency: Our access systems are installed and dismantled quickly, requiring less trade hours than traditional access methods. Rapid deployment limits disruption to existing site operations by minimising downtime.

  • Economical: Our methods require fewer personnel, with faster completion times, utilising less equipment, lower man-at-risk hours and minimal downtime, which all equals lower costs to our clients.

Rope access solutions are proven to be safer, quicker and more cost efficient than traditional methods like scaffolding, or in some cases cranes, particularly when attempting access to hard-to-reach or complicated areas.

By utilising API’s services, you no longer have to deal with the issues associated with scaffolding in high risk areas and you can avoid the expense and loss of time associated with constructing and deconstructing temporary structures.

Our services allow you to complete your project on time and under budget with:

  • Rapid rigging and de-rigging times to ensure low operational impact, which means minimal interference with other ongoing operations, building occupants, pedestrians and traffic

  • Highly flexible systems

  • A combination of both vertical and horizontal access

  • Lightweight and hand-transportable equipment, providing rapid re-deployment around work sites, as and when required


When to use Rope Access

Rope access techniques are ideal for sites where access is difficult or impossible by other means, where there are no in-situ cradles, scaffolding or other platforms.

The following are some examples of areas that are suitable for the application of our Industrial Abseiling techniques:

  • High-rise buildings

  • Wind Turbines

  • Oil and gas facilities

  • Bridges

  • Road-side cliffs

  • Shafts

  • Masts and towers

  • Flag poles

  • Atriums

Scaling Skyscrapers

What to use Rope Access for

The following are some examples of types of work that are suitable for the application of API’s Industrial Abseiling techniques:

  • Inspection and testing

  • Surveys

  • Standby rescue operations

  • Maintenance and repair

  • Exterior caulking works

  • Initial installation of glass

  • Glass removal and replacement

  • Cleaning and pressure washing

  • Painting

  • Geotechnical (civil engineering)

  • Filming at heights